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Music Cube Online <MCO> has been launched.
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Music Cube Online has been launched.
Music Cube has been preparing for Music Cube Online for a long time. This Music Cube Online is not just a home page to introduce and promote Music Cube, but an online business tool with specific functions. Through ceaseless efforts, we have created the Music Cube Online , a website which efficiently manages and promotes numerous composers inside and outside Korea and effectively connects thousands of songs in Music Cube's extensive music library with the clients throughout the world.
The Korean entertainment business is growing day by day and has developed into an enormous Korean Wave (Han-Ryu), demonstrating Korea\'s cultural popularity around the world. While everyone recognizes the importance of artistic contents, it is important to preserve and protect the rights of the composers. Music Cube Online is fruit of ambitious efforts by Music Cube, the first independent publishing and producing company in Korea.
Music Cube will continue in the future to be faithful to its "composers first" principle. It will continue to plan for and produce the very best contents and to promote our composers' music contents through a fair and effective system. We will work tirelessly to promote the interests of our composers.
Thank you very much